Android Market Expands, Adds More Countries for Buyers and Sellers

Android and Android Market might not be top of the line, but they are sure trying their hardest. Before yesterday, Android Market’s paid apps were available to buyers in only 14 countries with apps submitted from only 9 countries. Google has expanded the Android market and increased this number to 32 and 29 respectively.

This means that developers from 20 additional countries can sell their apps on the Android Market, and over the period of the next 2 weeks, 18 additional countries will have the ability to purchase apps from the market. Check out the following lists to see if you can buy or sell apps on the Android Market.

The 18 new countries that can purchase apps now: 1)Argentina 2)Belgium 3)Brazil 4)Czech Republic 5)Denmark  6)Finland 7)Hong Kong 8)India 9)Ireland 10)Israel 11)Mexico 12)Norway 13)Poland 14)Portugal 15)Russia 16)Singapore 17)Sweden 18)Taiwan.

The 20 new countries that can now sell apps: 1)Argentina 2)Australia 3)Belgium 4)Brazil 5)Canada 6)Denmark 7)Finland 8)Hong Kong 9)Ireland 10)Israel 11)Mexico 12)New Zealand 13)Norway 14)Portugal 15)Russia 16)Singapore 17)South Korea 18)Sweden 19)Switzerland 20)Taiwan.

[Via Engadget]


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