Another Laptop Hunters $1500 Ad by Microsoft. Meanwhile Linux Comes out to Play

Another new Laptop Hunter commercial by Microsoft which takes a bitter shot at Apple this time claiming they’re for kids. Even though Lisa, Jackson’s mom, thinks Macs are pretty and popular for her kid’s age, the kid rejects it! Talk about being smart. Instead they get a Sony VAIO FW with Blu-ray and a big screen so he can play games. It’s funny when they say, “BLUU RAYY”. Looks weird honestly. Apple still hasn’t replied to these commercials with I’m a Mac ads so far.

Meanwhile, Linux has also come up with their own ads. They are user submitted and can be found at the We’re Linux contest page. They are directly focused on Linux, and most of them talk about freedom. This is the prize-winning video came from a 25-year old Israeli Amitay Tweeto called “What does it mean to be free?”

Interesting to see the competition heating up everywhere. Lets see who wins these commercial wars, so far, we’ve seen a positive feedback for the Laptop Hunters ads by Microsoft, but I’d suggest they start focusing on Windows as well now and not just laptops.

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