New Microsoft commercials from The Rookies Series


Here are 3 more commercials from The Rookies Series which features more cute kids, Sam, Lewis and Danni. These aren’t available on the Microsoft Watch the Ads website so far, but I got my hands on them via WindowsVideos Channel on Youtube. Here they are:

Meet Lewis. At just 5 years of age, Lewis is new to photo sharing. A rookie. Yet he transferred his photos from his camera, color-corrected them, then e-mailed a snapshot of his pet rabbit, Sausage, to his auntie. Its that easy.

This is Danni. At just 8 years old, Danni has zero experience with slide show making. She’s a rookie. With just a few quick clicks, she put together this slide show of her big sister becoming a princess.

Sam is only 7 years old. He’s new to the art of photo stitching — a rookie. Yet he put together several photos of his toy robots in an instant. Its that easy.

More cute ads, but now they seem to be getting repetitive. We get the picture, kids can use Windows Live Photo Gallery, how about focusing on some other product now?

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