App Review: Blog Writer Lite for iPhone/iPod Touch

I was just scanning around on iTunes this morning and noticed a free app called Blog Writer Live and I thought wow, how convenient this would be for writing on iTD so I downloaded it. Here are my impressions of this app so far..

iPhone Screenshot 1

The first appearance of the app is a little bit boring and doesn’t really attract the user but it is clear on what you need to do to set up your blog.

It is very easy to start posting, you just put in your account details in the app and tap ‘New Post’ to start blogging. When you begin writing, it seems very simple because it just like writing a note on your iPhone although this is one of the downsides to the app; the Lite version only supports text so you cant add any picture or videos.

iPhone Screenshot 3

Blog Writer Lite lets you blog using the best blogging platforms such as Blogger (,, Self-hosted wordpress blogs (like iTD), MetaWeblog enabled blogs and with the full version you can also use Windows Live Spaces as well as upload pictures and edit published post.

iPhone Screenshot 4

The reason I decided to use this app compared to other blogging apps is this one is free and I’ve not yet had any problems with it. I’m giving this app an 3.5/5 because even thought the app is free and it can be used on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, its appearance lets it down because it does look boring and the app can be slow sometimes.

Price: Free

Download Blog Writer Lite from iTunes

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