Apple awards $410 million to II-VI to support 700 manufacturing jobs across the US

Apple announced that it has awarded $410 million from its Advanced Manufacturing Fund to II-VI, a manufacturer of optical technology used for Face ID and LiDAR, which should help in creating more than 700 manufacturing jobs in the United States. These 700 job opportunities will help with the creation of future components for iPhone, and will be located in Sherman, Texas; Warren, New Jersey; Easton, Pennsylvania; and Champaign, Illinois.

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Apple awards $410 to manufacturing partner that works on LiDAR and Face ID components

Apple had previously awarded $390 million to II-VI in 2017 from its Advanced Manufacturing Fund, which was used to convert a 700,000-square-foot building into a high-tech manufacturing facility. This resulted in creating hundreds of jobs in Sherman, Texas. II-VI is also a part of Apple’s Clean Energy Program, which aims to increase the usage of renewable energy for manufacturing. II-VI is already using 100 percent renewable energy across its US manufacturing facilities.

Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer, said on the collaboration:

“We established Apple’s Advanced Manufacturing Fund to support American businesses creating next-generation technology and the jobs of tomorrow. II-VI shares our commitment to push the boundaries of innovation and we’re proud to be extending our work together across the country.”

Dr. Vincent Mattera Jr., II-VI’s CEO, gave the following statement:

“The partnership between Apple and II-VI sets the stage for a new wave of breakthrough technologies that we believe will enable a wide range of applications that will benefit our world for decades to come. We are incredibly grateful for Apple’s support which has allowed us to expand our manufacturing capacity and scale our operations across the US.”

Last month, Apple had announced $430 billion worth of investments over 5 years to strengthen the U.S. economy’s recovery and rebuilding phase by creating 20,000 new jobs. This investment plan covers over 9,000 American suppliers and companies across the country to create jobs in sectors like 5G, silicon engineering, and manufacturing.

From its Advanced Manufacturing Fund, Apple previously awarded $450 million to Corning Incorporated in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. This investment helped Ceramic Shield, used in iPhone 12, which is tougher than all other smartphone glass.

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