Rocket League will feature cross platform “next-generation client” for mobile, console, and PC

Epic is currently engaged in a legal battle with Apple over its App Store policies. As Epic was beginning to launch its first defense, a presentation was revealed to the public that revealed Psyonix’s plans for Rocket League.

Epic Games has had a tremendous impact on Rocket League, making the game free-to-play, releasing a range of promotional campaigns, and an esports comp setup designed to give each and every individual player a chance at stardom. This has made Rocket League one of the most successful games available.

Rocket League plans by Psyonix

Psyonix plans for Rocket League revealed in Epic lawsuit

Though many of the updates are related to Fortnite and skin lines in collaboration with major celebrities, the presentation revealed future plans for Rocket League Sideswipe – mobile version – which is coming to Android later this year, and iOS depending on the outcome of this trial. The highlighted points were:

  • Competitive soccer-based PvP with rocket-powered cars!
  • Continued Growth – Highest MAU is this year!
  • Extensive IP Integrations
  • Two new products on the horizon for mobile

Rocket League “Next” :

  • Next-generation client with full game experience across all platforms, including mobile
  • Cross-Play, Cross-Progress between mobile, PC, console Mobile Alphe/Beta long before it’s released on other platforms

Rocket League Psyonix plans

The mobile game, Sideswipe, seems to be getting ready for a mid-September launch and will feature two-dimensional gameplay. The game will contain either 1v1 or 2v2 team stylistic modes like Standard Rocket League, Hoops, and more according to the report.

Rocket League “2D”:

  • Rocket League rebuilt for touch controls (also supports controllers)
  • Engage with Rocket League on mobile for the first time
  • Online Competitive Multiplayer (2v2, 1v1) with RL’s trademark depth & physics replayability
  • Feature complete, playable on TestFlight – evaluating release windows for iOS as soon as Summer 2020
  • Shared social graph with console/PC game friends list and cross-platform gameplay incentives

The report suggests that both Alpha and Beta tests will commence in Q2 2021. Sideswipe will also feature controller compatibility to allow for a more dynamic experience for the players. Are you excited about the release of Rocket League Sideswipe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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