Vita Fighters – a simplistic Tekken-like fighting game for iOS and Android

Developers AngryDevs and Ranida Labs have partnered up to put out a new fighting game built primarily with mobile users in mind. Vita Fighters recently came to Android with a soft launch, and now it has made its way to iOS last week.

Vita Fighters features a cast of fighters merged with anime characters and emphasizes natural fighting game mechanics, intuitive controls, and a clean simplistic art style. The game started as a fan-made endeavor that always aimed to keep the expectations of fighting game fans in mind. The developer wanted to offer the versatility found in fighting games, on a mobile platform. 

Vita Fighters 1

Vita Fighters: traditional 1v1 fighting game for iOS and Android

These days when someone wants to play a game on their mobile phone, they look for a game that includes no ads, is simple enough to play and enjoy. Vita Fighters offers that, however, there are continued reward ads. Developer AngryDevs said:

As a fighting game player myself, I have a hard time looking for good mobile fighting games without swiping or cooldown mechanics. I really wanted to create a game where players can just look at the characters and somehow build an idea of how the characters play, where they will still be able to do what they can in other fighting games albeit on a simple mobile platform.

Vita Fighters 2

The game acquires a total space of 90MB. During my playthrough, I was introduced to a simple menu consisting of Arcade, Versus, Training, Config, and Tutorial. Different characters and various match arenas are available to choose from when starting a game mode.

Arcade mode lets you pick a fighter and keep doing battles with various characters as opponents. In Versus, players can either play against another player or against the CPU. The layout is pretty simple too – on the bottom left-hand side there are controls that can either be pressed or used as a joystick. On the right-hand side are various keys like L, H, S, and Exis used for light attacks, H is used for heavy attacks and combos can be performed by combining both of the buttons. Then there is S, which is used for special attacks that are character-specific. Lastly, Ex is for super attacks that deal the most damage and require 2 power gauge bars to perform.

Vita Fighters 3

Vita Fighters features block-made characters and mechanics that have been simplified to make for an easier time using the touchscreen. The developer has future plans for the game which include adding more characters and features.

I am still expanding the game’s roster and will be adding additional characters. Even though it is a solo project, the simplicity of the game’s style, gameplay, and animations makes this doable. More features will also be added over time so people can play the game in its most complete form on their phones. 

Vita Fighters 4

I showed Vita Fighters to a friend of mine, and after playing 2 or more rounds, his exact words were: this is ‘a simplistic version of Tekken’. That really is the case. Vita Fighters was built while keeping mobile in focus, making the game simple but not too simple that it takes away the traditional fighting game feel. Let us know in the comments if you decide to try it out!

Vita Fighters is available on both Google Play Store and the App Store for free. You can check out the trailer below.

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