M4 Macs: Release dates, specs, and the complete upgrade roadmap

Since Apple announced its transition to Apple silicon in 2020, the tech giant has continuously pushed the boundaries of performance and efficiency with its M-series chips. As the Apple M3 chip finds its way into the latest iPads, rumors of the M4 chip’s arrival are making waves.

Here’s everything we know about the upcoming M4 chip and the Macs it’s expected to power.


The Apple M3 chip is still relatively new, but according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is gearing up to refresh its entire Mac lineup with the next-generation M4 processors. Gurman’s sources suggest that the M4 processor is “nearing production” and will come in “at least three main varieties.” The new chip is expected to highlight artificial intelligence features, aiming to compete with the latest “AI laptops” on the market.

Apple plans to release the first wave of M4-powered computers by the end of 2024, with more models launching in early 2025. This includes an updated iMac, MacBook Pro models, Mac mini, and MacBook Air. A new Mac Studio and Mac Pro are also in the pipeline.

2023 mac mini

The M4 chip line will reportedly consist of three main versions: an entry-level version called Donan, more powerful models named Brava, and a higher-end chip codenamed Hidra. According to Gurman’s report, these chips will emphasize AI processing capabilities and their integration with the upcoming version of macOS.

The entry-level MacBook Pro, the new MacBook Air, and a low-end Mac mini are expected to sport the Donan chip, while the higher-end MacBook Pros and a “pricier” Mac mini model will run on Brava chips. The new Mac Pro is rumored to feature the powerful Hidra chip.



Apple has been focusing on enhancing the AI capabilities of its M-series chips, and the M4 is expected to take this to the next level. With a new Neural Engine and increased AI computing cores, the M4 chip is rumored to offer significant improvements in AI and machine learning performance. This will likely be achieved through on-device processing, providing faster and more efficient AI tasks.

Rumored lineup

The upcoming M4 chip is expected to power a wide range of Macs, marking a significant upgrade across Apple’s entire lineup. Here’s a breakdown of the rumored Macs that will feature the Apple M4 chip:

  • 14-inch MacBook Pro: Expected to replace the current M3 MacBook Pro, featuring a modern chassis and a ProMotion display.
  • iMac: The M4 iMac is likely to retain the slimline design introduced with the M3 iMac.
  • 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro: Premium MacBook models with Pro and Max chips, featuring a 120Hz ProMotion display.
  • Mac mini: Updated versions of the Mac mini with M4 and M4 Pro chips.
  • MacBook Air: New versions of the MacBook Air with M4 chips are expected to launch around spring 2025.
  • Mac Studio: A new version of the Mac Studio is rumored to arrive in mid-2025, powered by the M4 chip.
  • Mac Pro: The most powerful Mac is expected to feature the highest-end M4 chip, with an expanded RAM capacity of up to 512GB.

Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the official release of the M4-powered Macs.

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