Apple’s potential plan: Skipping M3 Mac Mini for M4 refresh

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is likely to bypass an M3 update for the Mac mini and instead release a more substantial upgrade featuring M4 chips by the end of 2024.


This news comes just over a year after the Mac Mini received a refresh in January 2023. Those updates brought the powerful M2 and M2 Pro chips to the table, alongside welcome improvements like additional Thunderbolt 4 ports for faster data transfer, next-gen Wi-Fi 6E for blazing-fast wireless connectivity (with a compatible router), and an HDMI 2.1 port on the M2 Pro configuration for smoother high-resolution displays.

Gurman suggests that the next wave of Mac Minis will boast the M4 and M4 Pro chips, offering a potentially substantial performance jump. These new models are anticipated to launch sometime between late 2024 and early 2025.


This strategy aligns with a move Apple made with the iMac – it skipped the M2 chip entirely and went straight for the M3 chip, which offered a more substantial performance leap.

Anticipated features of the M4 Mac Mini:

Gurman’s report would undoubtedly spark excitement by speculating on the potential enhancements and capabilities that the M4-powered Mac Mini could offer:

  • Performance: Expect a significant leap in processing power and graphics performance, empowering users with faster workflows and enhanced multitasking capabilities.
  • Machine learning: The M4 chip might integrate advanced machine learning features, unlocking new possibilities for AI-driven applications and creative projects.
  • Specialized features: Gurman might explore specialized features tailored for professional users, such as enhanced connectivity options, expanded storage configurations, and improved thermal management.

Overall, if you’re considering a Mac mini, it seems wise to wait until later this year to see what the M4 brings to the table.

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