Apple assures of medical care to employees affected by Texas abortion ban

In an internal memo, Apple has committed to supporting employees affected by Texas’ new abortion ban. The new law bans abortions after six weeks of pregnancy and the provision which makes the law more incriminating is that any person in the state can sue abortion providers, the person helping a woman to get an abortion including the driver taking her to a clinic, and giving financial support. The plaintiff does not have to be related to the accused. The law has the same provisions for pregnancies as a result of rape and incest.


Apple is challenging Texas’ new “uniquely restrictive abortion law”

Cupertino tech giant has thousands of employees at the Austin campus, manufacturing plant, and Apple Stores in Texas. A message shared on the company’s internal employee message board, assured its employees in the state that it does not support the new law and is in the process of challenging it. In the meanwhile, the company has committed support for employees to seek abortion outside of the state.

Although the memo is not signed, the tech giant has confirmed its authenticity to Tech Crunch. The message about women’s reproductive health care reads:

At Apple, we support our employees’ rights to make their own decisions regarding their reproductive health.

We are actively monitoring the legal proceedings challenging the uniquely restrictive abortion law in Texas. In the meantime, we want to remind you that our benefits at Apple are comprehensive, and that they allow our employees to travel out-of-state for medical care if it is unavailable in their home state. If you need help in navigating your care or that of your dependents, your health plan carrier can confidentially assist you.

Your health and well-being remain our highest priority, and we will continue to do all that we can to ensure that you and your families have access to the care that Apple provides.

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