Apple releases new video that answers frequently asked concerns of users switching from Android to iPhone

To assist users who are switching from Android to iPhone, Apple has released a new video answering their frequently searched queries. In the new video, an Apple expert answers a range of concerns like how to switch data from Android to iOS, which data can be transferred, software updates, its durability, trade-in policy, and more.

Previously, users switching from Android to iOS or vice versa could easily transfer their photos, messages, contacts, and other data except for WhatsApp chat history. However, in June 2022, Meta added support to migrate WhatsApp data from Android to iOS including users’ chat history, photos, videos, and audio messages via the Move to iOS app. And Apple touts that transfer in the new video.

Apple - switch to iPhone

Apple’s new video for users switching to iPhone covers data transfer, software updates, durability, and other concerns

The new four-and-a-half-minute support video on Apple’s official YouTube channel answers the following most-searched “if I switch to iPhone” related to scenarios:

  • Will it be easy to transfer my contacts, photos, and messages? Yes *including WhatsApp’s chat history and all the free apps if they are available on the App Store.
  • Can I trade in my Android smartphone?
  • Will it hold up over time?
  • Will it be reliable?
  • Will it get the latest updates?
  • How will my personal info be protected?
  • Will I get support from Apple?

Apple - switch to iPhone

The answer to all the “Will” and “Can” questions was an easy “Yes” in the video. The Apple expert explained that an iPhone is made with durable material, offers great battery life, and has amazing performance to convince the switchers.

The company also took this opportunity to promote its trade-in policy which gives users credit for eligible Android devices which can be used toward the purchase of a new iPhone.

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