For the first time, Apple Arcade shares the fate of the leaving games

Apple Arcade is the Cupertino tech giant’s native gaming service with no ads and in-app purchases. For a $4.99 monthly subscription fee, players enjoy a diverse array of over 200 games across devices. Although Apple Arcade releases new games and content updates weekly, it also removes a few games from time to time. 

Apple Arcade

Recently, the gaming service added a new “Leaving Arcade Soon” section to list the names of 15 games that will be removed from the catalog after some time. But the announcement made subscribers wonder what would happen to the games and if they would be able to play leaving titles after they were removed.

Apple Arcade

Games leaving Apple Arcade might be available on App Store if the developer chooses

Answering the subscriber’s queries, Apple updated Apple Arcade’s support page with new information on “If a game is leaving Apple Arcade”. The company says that subscribers will be able to play for two weeks after it was removed only if it was downloaded before being removed.

It also clarified that it is the discretion of the developer to offer their game on the App Store after leaving Arcade.

Games might sometimes leave Apple Arcade. If you download a game before it leaves Arcade, you can play the game for at least two weeks after. If you try to launch an Arcade game that is no longer playable, you receive a No Longer Available message.

After a game leaves Arcade, the game developer might choose to make their game available on the App Store. These games might vary from the Arcade version. If the developer makes their game available on the App Store and allows you to load your saved progress, you can pick up where you left off in the Arcade version.

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