Apple posts new videos for its ‘Behind the Mac’ ad campaign

Apple added a few more videos to its ‘Behind the Mac’ ad campaign featuring Tyler Mitchell and James Blake. ‘Behind the Mac’ provides a deeper look into creators, artists, developers, and musicians using Apple tools for their creative workflows.

The campaign was launched in 2018 to highlight a trio of creators using Macs to “create something wonderful”. The new videos shared on Apple’s YouTube channel feature photographer Tyler Mitchell and musician James Blake working in their respective workspaces for 24 hours and creating what they are best at.

James Blake and Logix Pro X

The new video features James Blake using Logic Pro X to create a new song called “Ask For More”, shot within 24 hours. This was the second video released by Apple on its YouTube channel featuring Blake. The video shows Blake using a MacBook Pro to edit his music after recording it and describes it as:

“GRAMMY(R) award winner, James Blake, takes us into his home studio as he works Behind the Mac to put the finishing touches on his latest song, “Are you even real.” Editing, looping, pitching, and layering the track in Logic Pro X on his MacBook.”

Photography with Tyler Mitchell

This video put a spotlight on New York photographer Tyler Mitchell, the first Black photographer to shoot US Vogue’s cover. It reveals Mitchell shooting and editing new portrait photos using elements from his bedroom, all within 24 hours. Apple set up remote cameras around the apartment to capture his natural creative process.

“Tyler Mitchell takes us to his place in Bed-Stuy, as he works on a new portrait series using only elements from his own bedroom. Remote cameras were set up in the fashion photographer’s apartment, capturing his creative process as he shot and edited the series over a 24 hour period. Digging through references, compiling a mood board, capturing the images, scanning them into his MacBook, and editing the selects in Photoshop. Putting the final touches on the portraits just before midnight.”

The company puts a lot of effort into its product at the campaign and portrays original stories to its users. Apple frequently rolls out teasers and ads for its upcoming products. Apple’s advert for AirPods, ‘Bounce’, also won Best In Show at ADC Awards in May 2020.

Apple’s ‘Behind the Mac’ campaign constantly puts attention to the smooth workflows provided by Mac devices and the overall satisfaction experienced by its everyday users.

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