AirPods Ad wins “Best in Show” award at ADC Awards

Apple has earned an award for “Best in Show” at the 99th ADC Awards for its AirPods Ad “Bounce”. The company also won awards for “Client of the Year” along with partner Media Arts Lab winning “Best Ad Agency of the Year”.

The announcement took place from May 19- May 22 as AFC hosted Instagram Live Streams for announcing winners, one-on-one interviews with the judges, and interviews with the Gold Cube Winners.

The One Club for Creativity celebrates creators in advertising, graphic designing, digital media, publication design, product design, packaging design, motion, spatial design, illustration, fashion design, and experiential and spatial design with all focus on craftsmanship and artistry.

Bounce Ad for AirPods

Apple’s Bounce Ad for AirPods was released last June, which follows a person on an uneventful day before having a surreal adventure jumping around the city. The ad is fun and has an energizing vibe to it. It uses the track “I learnt some Jazz Today” by Tessellated.


CEO of The One Club for Creativity praised Apple and TBWA/Media Arts Lab for their filmmaking and craft innovation in the ad. He said:

“‘Bounce’ is an amazing example of innovative creative work,” said Kevin Swanepoel, CEO of The One Club for Creativity.  “It’s the epitome of excellence in filmmaking craft and innovation, which is the basis for how these awards are judged, and well-deserving of the Black Cube honor for Best of Show as the world’s best creative work of the past year.””

Apple has a number of catchy ads such as “Snap” for AirPods Pro, as multiple models for these products keep rolling out. Third Generation AirPods are also expected to drop in 2021.

Check out Apple’s Bounce Ad for AirPods below:

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