Apple brings in Sharp to develop new LCD’s for iPhone 6 in 2012

Apple has reportedly chosen Sharp to produce it’s next line of screens for their new products, including the iPhone 6 for Spring 2012.  The new displays Sharp is producing will bring thinner, lighter screens to the devices.  The new material will also allow the displays to use less battery power.  Sharp will begin the manufacturing process in a year, with Sharp already preparing one of their manufacturing plants for the new investment.

In the new LCD, that Sharp is deaming “p-Si LCD”, the film transistor of the screen is made with silicon.  This allows the display drivers to be mounted directly onto glass, making the display thinner.  This has allowed other companies and manufacturers the ability to build compononents directly onto the glass, which eliminates the need to extra components to run the display.  This in turn allows our devices to be smaller, and have a longer battery life.  Other advantages exist for this screen type as well, such as a better display angle, and a more durable surface.

One of the major advantages to an iPhone 4, is what Apple calls the Retina display.  They also have the screens in the iPad and iPad2 that allow the device to have a greater viewing angle.  Apple has also shown some interest in OLED, but with this announcement from Sharp, it would be safe to say they are moving away from that technology as well.

[via AppleInsider]


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