New report suggests that Apple Car production could start in U.S. by Kia Motors

According to a new report by eDaily, Hyundai plans to transition the company’s Apple Car association to its Kia Motors brand as part of an in-house arrangement that could potentially move production to the U.S.

Korea’s Korea IT News reported on Sunday that Hyundai and Apple are looking for a partnership agreement by March for the upcoming Apple Car. Additionally, the electric vehicles could be manufactured at a Georgia factory owned by a Hyundai Motor Group affiliate, Kia Motors.

Apple Car

New report suggests that Apple Car production could start in the U.S. by Kia Motors

The news was first spotted by iMore, afterward, Korea’s eDaily added its own views on reports that Hyundai plans to allocate the project to Kia, which could move the production to its Georgia plant. 

It is known that the Hyundai Motor Group (005380), which received a proposal from Apple for electric vehicle-related cooperation, has internally arranged that Kia ( Kia Motors (000270) ) is in charge of this project. If Kia decides to do this, the Apple car production base will be at Kia’s Georgia plant in the US.

According to the report, discussions between Kia and Hyundai took place last Tuesday regarding the Apple Car. The whole project could be carried out at Kia’s West Point plant and to ‘facilitate cooperation with Apple.’

Apple Car

There were few reports earlier that suggested that Hyundai would take lead on the production of the Apple Car. This new report says Hyundai does not think it is best suited for making the electric car ‘because of its strong will’ to develop its own brand. Hyundai does not want to become an OEM factory for Apple Cars. The conclusion of the report is that Hyundai ‘is still cautious’ and that the decision for moving production has not yet been finalized.

Hyundai initially confirmed that it is in talks with Apple regarding the electric vehicle in a statement to CNBC, however, the statement was changed several hours later excluding Apple.

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