Apple in the process of selecting South Korean suppliers as Apple Car plans progress

The long-rumored Apple Car project seems to be progressing following reports that Apple has begun talks with South Korean suppliers. The Cupertino tech giant is reportedly looking to select South Korean car parts suppliers that will help it produce an electric self-driving vehicle.

Apple Car

Korean companies in an “all-out war” to be a part of Apple Car supply chain

The report comes via ET News and suggests that Apple had a team visit South Korea in December 2021 with the intention of meeting with suppliers. Seemingly, the tech giant was speaking to suppliers that will provide it with some of the core components required for Apple Car. 

The publication also suggested that Apple’s entrance into the market has led to an “all-out war” among parts suppliers in South Korea.

The domestic parts industry has started an all-out war to enter the supply chain (SCM) of Apple’s self-driving electric vehicle ‘Apple Car’. Apple is expected to complete the selection of an Apple car supplier within the year and begin full-scale development. Apple is known to be highly interested in Korean companies in the field of core parts.

The report goes on to say that Apple asked that one company’s “electronic parts production capacity be more than doubled” although we do not know yet if the tech giant struck deals with any suppliers. 

Apple Car

It is also likely that some of the tech giant’s iPhone suppliers are also looking to get involved in the production of Apple with some reportedly having set up a task force to make sure they are able to seize the opportunity if it arises.

Renowned TF Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo has previously reported that Apple Car will be launched by 2025 at the earliest because organizing the supply chain, development, and manufacturing of an automobile is far more complex than an iPhone or iPad. Therefore, it will take the tech giant a considerable amount of time to perfect and launch its first autonomous vehicle. He has also detailed that the vehicle would offer 80% charge in 18 minutes, 260kmph, over 500km range, and more.

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