Kuo advises Apple Car team to “reorganize” soon to launch the EV by 2025

In 2020, rumor mills claimed that the Apple Car team has revived “Project Titan” to develop its first passenger self-driving electric vehicle (EV) expected to launch by 2025-2027. But a new tweet by TF Secruities’ renowned tech analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo reveals that the Apple Car team has been inactive for some time which might push EV’s mass production schedule beyond 2025.

“Project Titan” launched in 2014 to develop its autonomous EV but it was shelved soon after because of internal conflicts and issues. Later it was said that the project pivoted to develop the operating system for third-party self-driving EVs. However, in the past couple of years, Apple’s interest in building an EV changed again. According to industry sources, the tech giant is actively working on finalizing the technology and supply chain for Apple Car.

Apple Car - Tim Cook

Apple Car can go into mass production by 2025 if the team reorganizes in the next few months

Recently, it was reported that the tech giant has been developing an autopilot processor for Apple Car with a South Korean company and the module is expected to be complete in 2023.

The South Korean OSAT firm was working on a chip that operates the autopilot function, similar to how Tesla created its autopilot functionality. The report also notes that the project is being handled by Apple’s regional offices in South Korea. 

Previously, Kuo reported that Apple Car might launch in 2025 but his latest tweet hints at a possible delay. Kuo wrote that for some time Apple Car team has been “dissolved” and suggests the Apple Car team should reorganize in the next 3 to 6 months to achieve its goal of the EV’s mass production by 2025.

The Apple Car project team has been dissolved for some time. The reorganization within the next three to six months is necessary to achieve the goal of mass production by 2025.

Apple’s partners are also venturing into the EV industry; Foxconn (Apple iPhone assembler) signed a deal with Indian group Vedanta to manufacture semiconductors for electric vehicles and other industries in India. And Luxshare (Apple AirPods assembler) has invested in a new venture to develop and manufacture electric vehicles of other companies in partnership with the Cherry group.

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