Apple to reorganize Apple Car team before the end of 2022

In recent months, reports about Apple’s long-rumored Apple Car project have died down. However, a new report today suggests that the Apple Car team will reorganize before the end of 2022, with the EV itself expected to materialize by 2027 at the latest.

Apple Car

Apple Car expected to launch between 2025-2027

In a new tweet, TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared his prediction, based on a survey, that Apple will reorganize a new Apple Car team before the end of this year. It is unclear what the contents of Kuo’s survey include.

Apple has been long rumored to be working on its first passenger self-driving electric vehicle (EV) which has been reported to launch by 2025-2027. However, the project, referred to as Project Titan, has not been able to see stable development with key engineers leaving Apple to work for other automobile manufacturers.

Apple Car

Notable individuals who have left the Apple Car team include CJ Moore, who resigned in May to join a global automotive technology company, Luminar. Former Apple Car chief Doug Field joined Ford Motors as chief advanced technology and embedded systems officer, Apple’s former global head of battery development Soonho Ahn joined Volkswagen to develop batteries for its electric vehicle (EV) projects, and former engineer for Special Projects Group, Micheal Schwekutsch joined Archer as its senior vice president of engineering.

Three additional engineers have also left the team to join electric aviation startups. Adding to this, the COVID-19 pandemic also had a hand in stalling the project’s development.

Apple Car

As per previous reports, we expect that Apple’s first EV will offer level 5 self-driving autonomy without any human interference and will be powered by a new revolutionary mono-cell battery which will help provide a longer range and lower power consumption. In addition, the EV might feature LED displays, LiDAR scanners to measure the distance from other objects, AR displays, and more.

As for when Apple’s first self-driving EV could hit mass production or go on sale, we do not know. Currently, analysts still predict it could be debuted in the next 3-5 years, however, that timeframe may be revised if the development of the vehicle faces issues.

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