Apple Car rumored to feature integrated OS similar to Tesla

According to a new report, Apple Car will feature a centrally integrated OS, similar to Tesla’s operating system which offers both driving controls and entertainment. Apple’s long-rumored electric vehicle is also expected to feature self-driving sensors made in Korea.

Apple Car

Apple could create an operating system for Apple Car

So far, most patents and regulatory filings related to Apple’s rumored electric vehicle have focused on hardware. According to a paywalled DigiTimes report, Apple could add an integrated operating system to the vehicle, similar to its iOS and iPadOS software combined with some CarPlay functionalities.

Apple’s electric car, the Apple Car, will adopt a centrally integrated operating system (OS) like Tesla, and The Korean factory will assist in the development of the self-driving sensor part of the Domain Control Unit (DCU).

Apple created an integrated software for Apple Car makes a lot of sense since it focuses heavily on combining hardware and software into one product like its Apple Silicon Macs and its latest iPhones. For Apple Car, this could mean that the OS would offer driving features like navigation, Apple Music integration, etc.

Apple Car

It is worth noting that Tesla’s OS is not developed by the car company itself, instead, the vehicles run a custom version of Linux powered by an Intel Atom Processor. Tesla’s central control unit offers navigation in addition to entertainment including audio and games.

Separately, Digitimes also reports that a Korean company “will assist in the development of the self-driving sensor” that will be part of the Domain Control Unit (DCU). A DCU handles car automation functionalities such as processing data provided by sensors.

These reports about the development of a new OS for the vehicle and the DCU come as other rumors suggest work has been slow on the vehicle. The project’s slump can be attributed to the poaching of Apple’s top Apple Car team executives by other companies as well as internal conflicts.

After reporting that the Apple Car team has been “dissolved”, TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo advised the team to “reorganize” soon in the next 3 to 6 months if the vehicle is to go into mass production by 2025.

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