Apple Card users face “card cannot be used” issue

If you are an Apple Card user and are seeing the “card cannot be used” message, then you are not alone. The Cupertino tech giant has confirmed that it is an issue that is affecting “some users” who can not access their Apple Card in the iOS Wallet app.

apple card issue

This is how to fix Apple Card “can not be used” issue

The tech giant’s updated System Status page lists the Apple Card issue and a fix for the problem. According to the company, cardholders need to remove their card and re-add it to their iOS Wallet app. The removal and re-additional of the credit card will affect users’ transaction history.

Some users may see a message in their Wallet that Apple Card can not be used. Please follow the instructions to remove your Apple Card, re-add it to the Wallet by tapping the (+) Add button, tap Previous Cards, and follow the steps on the screen. Your transaction history will reappear after re-adding your Apple Card.

The Cupertino tech giant launched its very own credit card, Apple Card, in August 2019 in partnership with Goldman Sachs. As a digital card, stored in the Wallet app, cardholders can use it to make contactless payments via their iPhone and Apple Watch and receive daily cash back, don’t have to worry about hidden, transaction, service or other fees, and more.

However, the service is currently available in the United States only. To expand its user base, the company launched a promotion for new customers to avail $100 in daily cash for a limited time.

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