Apple drops iPod Touch from their Back To School Program for a $100 iTunes Gift Card!

Apple’s Back to School program has officially launched for the year, and there’s a change. As most were guessing the program would include the iPod Touch for another year, Apple has decided to go with a $100 iTunes Gift Card instead.


Most people are thinking that this is worse than last year, since an iPod Touch is valued at $229, more than the gift card. However, the money for the iPod did not come to you after you mailed in your rebate and got a check back in the mail. So you still had to wait for the money, and go through the arduous rebate process. Now, you immediately get the $100 gift card, that can immediately be used for apps, books, music, etc. You name it, you can buy it.

So yes, the value is a bit less, but for some it may be better. Since most students I know who are getting ready for college, or are going to college, they already have an iPhone, or at least an iPod Touch. So now they can use the gift card to buy other things they may need.

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