Apple Education team creates 30 creative activities for kids and the whole family

Apple Education team has created ’30 creative activities’ for kids to stay creatively engaged and to keep young minds stimulated through entertaining ways at home during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. The PDF of the activities is available on the web via desktop and smartphone browser, which users can download and print. Some of the activities can be completed digitally via iPhone and iPad’s built-in features.

The activities are designed for children from four to eight plus years old. The layout is like an activities calendar for the month with one creative project for each day, which children can either complete themselves or finish them together as a family with siblings or parents. Tap on the activity tile in the PDF to jump to its description at the bottom to get instructions on how to complete that task.

Apple Education Worksheet

There is a variety of creative tasks like drawing, expressing feelings via emojis, reminiscing with a photo walk, taking photos, creating time lapse and more. The education team has very cleverly inserted educational activities, like composing a comic strip, telling a story, writing a love letter to the planet, finding shapes in nature, and much more.

Cook rightly expressed feelings of parents and children, both, who are finding it hard to coup with a sudden life style change due to coronavirus outbreak, cancellation of school, soccer practices, play dates, music or dance lessons, and much more. They often find themselves struggling to think of new constructive ways to stay positive and engaged. Therefore, these 30 activities will give the whole family a creative outlet to spend their energy and time and support learning at home in a fun way outside the conventional class room setting.

In addition, Apple has been promoting home schooling through a series of learning videos which can be used via built-in features on iOS devices to help educators carry on remote learning.

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