In face of unionization efforts, Apple plans to make work schedules more flexible for retail staff

In the wake of unionization efforts by retail workers at multiple Apple Stores, the Cupertino tech giant has planned to introduce more flexible work schedules.

Retail staff at stores in New York, Maryland, and Atlanta are organizing for unionization to ask for better pay, working conditions, and other benefits. Ahead of voting, the Cupertino tech giant is employing various tactics to dissuade workers from voting for unionization.

Apple Myeongdong retail store

Previously, the company shared talking points with store managers to discuss the repercussions of unions on workers’ career growth and their relation with Apple, company’s retail chief Deirdre O’Brien visited stores to listen to staff grievances and told them that “I am deeply committed to making Apple the best it could be for you, from scheduling to pay and benefits to development to the experience and environment in the stores” in a video message.

Apple to change the working hours and days for retail workers

In addition to increasing hour pay to $22 minimum, and vacation benefits, the tech giant is doing more by making its work schedules more flexible. Bloomberg reports that Apple has communicated to staff at some stores that working conditions will improve in the coming months or by the end of this year.


According to employees with knowledge of the upcoming changes, the company will extend the minimum hours between shifts, overtime days per week, and more.

  • A minimum of 12 hours in between shifts, an increase from the current minimum of 10 hours.
  • A maximum of three days per week when employees can work past 8 p.m. unless they choose to work late shifts.
  • Employees won’t be scheduled to work more than five days in a row, a change from a maximum of six days in a row. There could be exemptions during new product launches and holidays.
  • Full-time employees will be eligible for a dedicated weekend day off for each six-month period.

Although the full extent of the changes’ effectiveness will be known in the coming weeks, for now, a retail store in Atlanta has postponed a vote to unionize.

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