Apple is testing multiple foldable iPhone prototypes while conscious of shortcoming of other devices

Apple is working on multiple foldable iPhone prototypes in its labs. The test devices so far have shown that there are still compromises in foldable display technology, which would make them a regression from current iPhones, and that would be the last thing that Apple would want to release.

The new details come from Dylan, who had yesterday talked about iPhone 14 Pro’s pill-shaped notch. Dylan has an excellent track record so far when it comes to Apple leaks and rumors.

Foldable iPhone with hinge

Foldable iPhone is still in prototype stage at Apple

Dylan posted on Twitter regarding Apple’s current internal status on foldable iPhone prototypes:

For those who are curious about a foldable iPhone, Apple is definitely working and testing multiple prototypes that contain foldable displays. Too many compromises still exist with foldable display technology though.

He followed up with details on Apple’s concerns regarding the technology which is still in its infancy. Apple often adapts a strategy of observing the market and improving upon mistakes made by others, and it is using the same tactic with foldable display technology.

The company is figuring out whether foldable smartphones are just a passing fad or if they will continue to grow. Samsung’s foldable sales have been growing continuously which shows that users have a lot of interest in foldable smartphones. While there are not many competitors that have better foldables than Samsung, the number of devices seems to be growing continuously.

Of course, even Samsung’s foldable smartphones are not perfect. They have clear flaws, and the foldable displays show obvious creases where the glass bends. Users also report that the displays often break simply by using foldable devices.

As Dylan notes, Apple is keeping an eye on the technology and is playing the long game to see how it advances. It is highly unlikely that Apple would release a foldable iPhone until the technology is mature and reliable enough for its own standards.

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