Apple’s new section ‘Apple For Kids’ provides support to parents to manage their children’s devices

The Cupertino tech giant has introduced a new section on its website, ‘Apple For Kids’ to provide parents with necessary information on how to manage their children’s devices. Parents will learn how to manage their family groups, recover forgotten passcode of their child’s device, what to do when a child accidentally purchases something online, and much more.

Out of all the surprises a child gives, making in-app purchases worth thousands of dollars is by far the most shocking for a parent. Last year in December, a six-year-old boy spent $16 thousand on iPad games‘ in-app purchases like add-ons for Sonic Forces on his mother’s credit card without her knowledge. And unfortunately, the mother found out a little too late that she could have restricted the purchases in the Settings app.

Apple For Kids

The new ‘Apple For Kids’ portal will help parents to set up and monitor their children’s devices

The new Apple For Kids supports page provides guidelines for parents to not only set up their children’s devices but also to monitor their activities and limit screen time. Here is a summary of what parents will find in the new support section.

Get the child set up

  • Set up Family Sharing
  • Set up a child’s device: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch,
  • Set up child’s account on Mac
  • Setting up an Apple Watch
  • Update the child’s Apple ID birthday

Apple For Kids

Keep track of your child’s activities

  • Approve purchases with Ask to Buy feature
  • Locating missing devices with Find My app
  • Use Apple Cash Family

Set limits and monitor usage

  • Prevent in-app purchases
  • Set limits with screen time
  • Use parental controls on the child’s devices

The new Apple For Kids supports page will surely help parents in getting knowledge of getting their children started and avoiding long conversations with customer support.

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