Apple may be working on new health hardware products, reveals job posting

Apple recently posted a job listing that hints at the possibility of the company developing its own Apple-branded health hardware products outside of the Apple Watch.

The job listing for a Senior Engineer Project Manager for Health Technologies based in Cupertino is not unusual since the tech giant is constantly looking to expand and refresh its workforce. However, the interesting part is that the advertisement suggests the placement will be in the development of new health hardware products. Apple may be working on new health hardware products, reveals job posting

Apple may be developing new health gadgets

The position, titled as a Sr. EPM Manager, will work for the Health Technologies team to “lead the design and development of Apple-branded Health Hardware products.” As per the job description, the candidate will have to “work with vendors to drive material to support engineering building.”

“The company is looking for a Sr. EPM Manager for their Health Technologies team to lead the design and development of Apple-branded Health Hardware products. According to the posting, The EPM is also the key interface to the suppliers, driving build readiness at the factory and managing its building. Success is defined in terms of the quality and timeliness of the pre-production builds and the start of mass production.”

Apple may be working on new health hardware products, reveals job posting

According to the report, such a position indicates that new health hardware from apple may go into production soon.

“In the past, the company has made several acquisitions or partnerships to promote health-related hardware. The company acquired the popular sleep monitoring brand Beddit and integrated the offering into its own stores and support channels.”

Apple has been working with an extensive team of doctors and engineers to develop health technologies over the years. Up until now, most of the technologies have been focused on Apple Watch and the Health app in iOS. This latest job posting is the first hint we have had that Apple may be going further than developing health monitoring features for its software.

There are already a ton of health hardware products on the market that can be used in conjunction with the company HealthKit ecosystem. However, these third-party apps often require consumers to use their apps. In comparison, if Apple develops its line of health gadgets, there will be no need for users to download additional apps. Not only will this process work seamlessly, but Apple will also ensure user privacy protection.

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