What Apple Watch’s blood sugar app might look like – Concept

Previously we covered that Apple Watch Series 7 could feature blood glucose monitoring, now a concept for the app has surfaced. Apple Watch could possibly gain the feature to measure a very important health metric for several people worldwide. Diabetics could make use of their smartwatch to keep an eye on their health with blood sugar measurements. 

The Cupertino tech giant has been introducing new health features since Apple Watch first launched. Apple Watch Series 4 introduced the ECG sensor built into the Digital Crown, while Apple Watch Series 6 brought the blood oxygen sensor. Apple Watch blood sugar measurement app

What Apple Watch’s blood sugar app might look like – Concept

Every Apple Watch health app has received an equally high-quality visualization. The Blood Oxygen app shows a flurry of blue and red lines to denote oxygen within the blood. The ECG app shows an elegant particle heart that converts into a waveform. 

A blood sugar app could display floating red and white orbs that represent your blood cells. They could slowly flow horizontally along the display. The general layout of the app would follow the same conventions of the ECG and Blood Oxygen apps with a simple measure button below the visualization.

Similar to the Blood Oxygen app, the blood sugar measurement app could feature a pop-up at the end of the session, which could display the estimated blood sugar level and show options for sharing your readings with a family member or doctor, and view a detailed chart.Apple Watch blood sugar levels

You could change the bar chart to a plotted view or even a list to simplify things. The key is offering different view options so that people of all ages with diabetes could read their chart on their watch.

We’ll just have to wait and see if Apple chooses to introduce this feature with Apple Watch Series 7 later this year. But one thing is clear, it makes a lot of sense. It’s a natural extension of Apple Watch’s current array of health metrics.

Additionally, the Cupertino tech giant could use this chance to introduce blood sugar notifications to Apple Watch Series 7. The watch could alert its user regarding high or low blood sugar levels since the watch’s sensors are functional throughout the day. Apple Watch blood sugar measurement app

What do you think about Apple featuring a blood sugar sensor in Apple Watch? Let us know in the comments!

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