Police officers ping Apple Watch to track down and save a kidnapped woman in Texas

Police officers in Selma, Texas used the cellular location tracking feature of the Apple Watch to locate a woman who had been kidnapped. 

The officers arrested Adalberto Longoria on the 20th of January on suspicion of aggravated kidnapping for an event that took place in 2020, reported by the local media outlet News 4, Fox San Antonio.

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Police officers pinged Apple Watch to track down and save a kidnapped woman in Texas

On the 16th of December, authorities arrived at Lookout Hollow Circle in Selma, Texas after being alerted to a potential kidnapping. Upon arriving, police officers spoke to a girl who said her mother had been taken.

The girl told the authorities that Adalberto Longoria and her mother were outside of an apartment arguing when the girl heard her mother scream. the girl said that she heard screaming from a parking lot, but had no idea where she was taken. 

Approximately, 10-15 minutes later, the woman called the girl through her mobile watch, telling her that Longoria had kidnapped her and wanted to hurt her. As she was speaking to her mom, the mobile watch was suddenly disconnected. 

Officers managed to use an ’emergency cellular ping to locate the victim. The police arrived at the exact location, thanks to the Apple Watch, where they found her in a car in a parking lot, and Longoria had fled on foot. 

The report says:

The victim told police she and Longoria were fighting, and Longoria had refused to give up the vehicle. He told her to get her things out of the bed of the truck. When she went to do this, Longoria allegedly got in the driver’s seat and drove away with her still in the bed of the truck. The victim told police he was allegedly drunk at the time.

This was an interesting case that involved the Apple Watch. The mobile watch has been credited with helping save lives due to the device’s health features. For example, Perrysburg resident credited Apple Watch for alerting him of the rising heart rate which saved his life. 

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