Concept shows Apple Watch Series 7 with flat edges

Apple introduced, in October, all the new iPhone 12 models with flat edges that resemble its classic products, namely the first-generation iPad and the iPhone 5. However, there is no evidence that the company will redesign its Apple Watch anytime soon, but that did not stop designer Wilson Nicklaus from creating a concept that shows Apple Watch Series 7 with flat edges.

The concept shows how an Apple Watch Series 7 would look if it uses the same design language that customers love on the new iPhone 12.

Apple Watch concept

Concept shows Apple Watch Series 7 imagined with flat edges

Nicklaus created some images that he shared via Twitter, displaying what an Apple Watch Series 7 with flat edges would look like. The concept does not show any changes to the Apple Watch’s aspect ratio or display, rather it just focuses on its metal case. The renders show a stainless steel version of the conceptual Apple Watch Series 7, with a new design with flat edges that looks very similar to the iPhone 12 Pro’s design which is made out of stainless steel and glass. In subsequent updates, Niklaus also shared renders of a thinner chassis of the Watch with a slightly improved design.

Nicklaus mentioned that no one should consider his concept of the future Apple Watch with flat edges as some sort of prediction. His concepts do not reimagine any features whatsoever, but only look at what a redesign might look like.

Apple Watch concept

Apple is notorious for making its product with a consistent design, so it will not come as a surprise if the company actually introduces an Apple Watch similar to this concept. iPhone 12, iPad Pro, and iPad Air all share the design details with each other, along with the Pro Display XDR. Customers are eager to see this same design language come to MacBook Pro before it comes to the Apple Watch.

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