watchOS 8 concept proposes a new Control Center with Complications

watchOS 8 will launch next year however, that has not stopped people from coming up with creative concepts to imaging how it will work and what features will it support.

Apple launched the watchOS 7 with many new features and a variety of customizable watch faces in June 2020. Apple Watch owners have to choose between two types of watch faces; one with complications like Chronograph and the other with few or no complications like Artist. The latter type is a little problematic for users who wish to have a simple watch face but also want to quickly access information like weather, mail, messages, and so on.

YouTuber Matt Bircher @ABetterComputer proposed a solution to the aforementioned problem in his new video. Bircher says he loves the new Apple Watch faces which are “too good” at the moment. But the limitation of some faces hampers his smartwatch experience to get information like weather, activity, golden hour, calendar, and others. Thus, he has a solution with minimal changes to watchOS 8 software for Apple’s engineers to make watch faces even better. He said:

Well, I hope it isn’t, because today’s video is my first attempt at a new feature for my favorite wrist-based OS. I hope you enjoy (and agree)!


watchOS 8 concept shows Control Center with Complications

Basing the watchOS 8 concept design on the assumption that most Apple Watch owners do not use the Control Center much, Matt Bircher proposes that Apple engineers can use that section of the software to house complications on top of the Control Center settings. He believes that by making the proposed changes to the Control Center, users will be able to access information quickly via complications.


Currently, the workaround for users is to switch between watch faces with many complications or and few/none complications is to customize different watch faces and then swipe right or left to use the one which better suits their need in a given situation. Another workaround is to use more detailed faces during the week and simple faces on weekends. However, Bircher is not satisfied with these workarounds. He argues that Apple Watch is a smartwatch that keeps users updated with the information they need to perform various tasks like recording voice notes, send/read messages, thus, it should be used as one, no matter the watch face.

Bircher claims that his minimal solution does not change the way Apple Watch functions and he expects that Apple releases his proposed new design in a future update.

I like his concept, but believe that he is underplaying the frequent use of toggles in the Apple Watch Control Center. I for one, enable and disable, theater mode and water ejection toggles many times during a day at times when my battery is running low, working with water, or simply do not wish to have the display on.

What are your thoughts on the watchOS 8 concept design? Let us know in the comments below.

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