Apple TV+ could be banned in EU as per new a 30% European work legislation

Apple TV+ is under threat in the EU because of a new quota law. Previously, a new bill “The General Scheme of the Online Safety and Media Regulation Bill” was approved by the EU Government on On January 9, which will require all video streaming services to have 30% “European work” on their platform.

Apple TV+, Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video will face a ban if the set percentage of European work is not available on their streaming service. The Irish legislators complain that most of the content on the aforementioned video streaming service is U.S. centric. Therefore, if passed the law will promote regional productions

Recently, @adrianweckler, a tech editor at Irish & Sunday Independent reported that Minister Cathrine Martin has categorically said that Apple TV+ must offer 30 percent European content or it will be shut down in Europe. Martin is the Irish Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport, and Media.

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ facing a possible ban in Europe

The ‘Online Safety and Media Regulation Bill’ proposed that the Media Commission will monitor the subscription-based video streaming services in the region which will bound to not only air European content but also to promote it on their platforms. The clauses read,

  • a requirement for video-on-demand to register with the Media Commission to allow an up-to-date list of such services to be maintained
  • an obligation for video-on-demand services to meet a quota of 30% European Works and ensure the prominence of such content in their catalogues.

@adrianweckler further explained that EU legislator will still consider British productions as “European work” even post-Brexit. Therefore, that broadens the scope of content considered European.

Unlike Netflix which has regionally curated content on its platform, Apple TV+ has limited titles thus, offers the same titles in all select regions. As an all originals video streaming service, Apple TV+ currently has a total of 42 movies, shows, series and others. And out of 42, “Trying” is the only British show on Apple’s video streaming service. That means, Apple TV+ would either have to produce or order at least 17 European productions to avoid the ban.

Although, the service has signed a deal for a  Spanish comedy show “Acapulco“, other new upcoming shows are also U.S centric like World Surf League, Gusty women, Losing Alice,and a current affair series starring Jon Stewart of the Daily Show.

Most comments on Weckler’s tweet did not appreciate the proposed ban on Apple TV+ as it’s a subscription-based service that the users voluntarily opt for. What is your opinion on the matter, let us know in the comments.


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