Apple’s vision for home robotics includes tabletop arms and robotic home assistants

Apple’s vision for the future extends beyond its renowned consumer electronics. A new Bloomberg report suggests the company is crafting a smart home revolution, seamlessly integrating your Apple devices with robotic helpers for a more convenient and personalized living experience.


How Apple’s robotics could change the way we live

Rumors have been swirling around a potential future iteration of the Apple TV, and a new report from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggests that Apple is considering incorporating a built-in camera. This feature could transform the Apple TV into more than just a content streaming device; it could become a hub for video conferencing and gesture-based controls, enhancing the way we connect with friends and family from the comfort of our living rooms.

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Gurman’s reports also shed light on Apple’s plans to expand its iPad lineup, positioning the device as a versatile tool for smart home integration. With new iPad Pro and iPad Air models on the horizon, Apple aims to empower users with cutting-edge technology that seamlessly integrates into their daily lives. Additionally, whispers of foldable iPads hint at even more revolutionary changes in the works.

Apple’s Vision Pro, with its recent introduction of Spatial Personas, represents a significant leap forward in virtual communication technology. These lifelike avatars create immersive FaceTime experiences, bringing users closer together regardless of physical distance. Gurman’s firsthand experience with Spatial Personas highlights its potential to revolutionize how we connect in the digital age.

I’ve tested the new Spatial Personas, which are considered a beta, for several minutes with two different people. I am very impressed — I’d even go as far as saying Apple’s communications and marketing teams have underplayed this feature so far. It’s that cool and unlike anything I’ve really experienced before. In fact, it’s so cool that the lack of the feature in the initial Vision Pro launch probably held back the product.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Apple’s future plans lies in its exploration of robotics. Reports suggest that Apple is delving into projects ranging from tabletop devices with robotic arms to full-fledged home robots capable of handling household chores.

The company has skunk-works teams within its hardware engineering and AI organizations delving into robotics. One recent project involved a home robot that could follow a person around the home. Some involved in the effort have even postulated that Apple could get into humanoid technology and build a machine that can handle household chores. But such advances are probably a decade away, and it doesn’t appear that Apple has even agreed to head in that direction.

A nearer-term move into robotics would be a device Apple has been working on for several years: a table-top product that uses a robotic arm to move around a display. The arm could be used to mimic a human on the other side of a FaceTime call, shifting the screen to recreate a nod or a shake of the head. But this device, too, doesn’t have unified support from Apple’s executive team.

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These far-out projects, though years from becoming reality, showcase Apple’s relentless pursuit of redefining how technology interacts with our homes.

(via Bloomberg)

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