Apple enters the robotics race with “Follow Me” and “Robotic Display” projects

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is delving into the realm of home robotics. This move comes after the company’s shift from its long-anticipated Apple Car project to exploring new avenues for growth, with home robotics emerging as a potential frontier.


Apple ditches ambitious EV project and shifts focus to robotics

One of the key insights from Mark Gurman’s report is the existence of two experimental projects within Apple’s skunk-works division. The first project is a mobile robot designed to follow users around their homes autonomously. This concept aligns with the growing trend of smart home technologies aimed at enhancing convenience and efficiency for users.

The second project involves an advanced tabletop home device equipped with robotics to move its display. This device could revolutionize the way we interact with technology in our living spaces, offering features like mimicking head movements during FaceTime calls or locking onto users in a crowded room.

tvOs 17 - FaceTime - Apple TV 4K

While these projects showcase Apple’s ambition to innovate in the home robotics space, they also highlight significant technical challenges. For instance, the mobile robot’s initial concept included capabilities like dishwashing, which may be a stretch given current engineering limitations.

The debate within Apple’s executive ranks reflects the company’s cautious approach to product development, ensuring that any new venture aligns with market demand and technological feasibility. Despite these challenges, Apple’s track record of pushing boundaries suggests that these projects could evolve into groundbreaking consumer products in the future.

Apple’s foray into home robotics places it in competition with tech giants like Amazon, which introduced its Astro home robot offering similar functionalities. However, Apple’s focus on AI algorithms for navigating cluttered spaces and enhancing user interactions sets it apart in terms of technological sophistication.

Amazon Astro
Amazon Astro

While the exact launch date for Apple’s home robot projects remains under wraps, their exploration of this space is a bold step towards defining the “next big thing” in consumer technology. As AI and robotics continue to infiltrate our daily lives, Apple’s innovative spirit suggests these projects have the potential to become groundbreaking products.

Imagine a future where robots seamlessly integrate into our homes, not just as assistants but as companions that follow us around and adapt to our needs. Apple’s foray into home robotics hints at a future where the technology we interact with becomes more intuitive and responsive, fundamentally reshaping how we experience our living spaces.

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