iPadOS 17.5 beta hints at new pressure-sensitive Apple Pencil 3

With the recent release of iPadOS 17.5 beta and a deep dive into its code, exciting revelations have emerged about Apple’s highly anticipated accessories, particularly the upcoming Apple Pencil 3. This latest iteration of Apple’s renowned stylus promises to introduce innovative features that could revolutionize the user experience for artists, professionals, and casual iPad users.

iPadOS 17.5

Next-generation Apple Pencil to offer “squeeze” functionality

One of the most exciting revelations about the Apple Pencil 3 is the introduction of a new “squeeze” gesture. Discovered within the code of iPadOS 17.5 beta, this gesture is expected to enable quick interactions such as adding shapes, signatures, stickers, or text fields with a simple press on the Pencil’s surface. Unlike the Apple Pencil 2, which features a double-tap gesture, the Apple Pencil 3’s squeeze gesture opens up a world of possibilities for seamless and intuitive functionality.

Apple Pencil 3

Building on the strengths of its predecessor, the Apple Pencil 3 might also integrate seamlessly with the Find My app, a godsend for users who frequently misplace their precious stylus. Additionally, rumors suggest magnetically interchangeable tips, catering to diverse drawing and writing styles. For artists who crave a variety of textures and effects, this could be a game-changer.

The speculation surrounding the Apple Pencil 3 extends beyond its core features. Rumors suggest the stylus might boast a shorter body with a glossier finish compared to previous models, offering a more comfortable and sleek user experience. The familiar USB Type-C port for charging and pairing ensures compatibility with recent iPads, offering enhanced convenience.

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In conjunction with the Apple Pencil 3’s anticipated features, the recent update to PencilKit API in iPadOS 17.4 hints at additional enhancements for app developers. However, specific details of those improvements remain undisclosed at this time.

Apple’s plans for the launch of the Apple Pencil 3 align with the unveiling of new iPad Pro and iPad Air models, set for an early May debut, according to reports. These new tablets are expected to boast updated chipsets, larger displays, and thinner bezels, setting the stage for a comprehensive upgrade to Apple’s tablet lineup.

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