Apple Pencil 3 rumored to be announced soon with magnetic tips and improved precision

According to new reports that have surfaced on Japanese blog Mac Otakara, Apple may be gearing up to unveil the long-awaited Apple Pencil 3, rather than the expected iPad updates.


Apple Pencil 3

Apple could delay announcement of refreshed iPad models in favor of unveiling Apple Pencil 3

The Apple Pencil was first unveiled in November 2015 as a highly advanced digital stylus designed for use with Apple devices. Its sleek design and remarkable sensitivity make it an ideal tool for artists and note-takers, offering a seamless and responsive experience for precise, creative input.

The second-generation Apple Pencil, which was introduced on October 30, 2018, brought significant improvements such as improved responsiveness and longer battery life. In addition, the Apple Pencil 2 magnetically attaches to select iPad models, making it convenient and easy to use. Unfortunately, both existing Apple Pencil models feature non-magnetic tips, which cannot be replaced.

A new report suggests that instead of refreshing the iPad lineup, the Cupertino tech giant may be gearing up to launch the Apple Pencil 3.

MacOTAKARA believes that instead of updating the iPad itself, the Apple Pencil 3 will be released with a replaceable magnetic tipApple Pencil tips

As noted by Mac Otakara, one of the most exciting features expected to accompany the Apple Pencil 3 is the introduction of interchangeable magnetic tips. This development promises to be a game-changer for artists, technical drawers, and digital painters, as it opens up a world of creative possibilities and precise control.

Apple Pencil iPad 10

The second-generation Apple Pencil is currently priced at $129 in the United States, and it has been a valuable tool for iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad mini users since its release. In contrast, the original Apple Pencil, with its Lightning connector, is available for older iPad models and the entry-level iPad, with a price tag of $99. But the big question now is whether Apple intends to upgrade this model with a USB-C connector, aligning it with the latest technology standards.

While the possible announcement of a new Apple Pencil is exciting, updated iPad models are still rumored to be in the pipeline. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman recently hinted at the ongoing progress on new iPad models. However, he also stated that these models may not be announced in October.

Could Apple announce the new Apple Pencil alongside the refreshed iPad Air, iPad mini, and entry-level iPad? We will just have to wait and see. Stay tuned to iThinkDiff so you do not miss out on the latest news regarding these exciting launches!

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