Apple to switch to USB-C for all accessories, including MagSafe Battery Pack

Apple is set to make significant changes to its accessory lineup, moving away from the Lightning connector in favor of USB-C. This transition aligns with the upcoming shift rumored for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. Mark Gurman, a reputable source from Bloomberg, shared these insights with MacRumors, shedding light on Apple’s plans for the near future.

Apple - USB-C cable

USB-C across the board

Apple intends to introduce USB-C ports across its accessory lineup, including AirPods and Mac accessories. This transition will occur swiftly, much like the adoption of the Lightning connector after its debut in 2012. It’s a clear move towards uniformity in connectivity.

What to expect

One of the immediate changes could involve a new MagSafe Duo charger with a USB-C port. The popular MagSafe Battery Pack may also receive an update, embracing the faster standard. While it’s uncertain whether these refreshed accessories will debut at the upcoming “Wonderlust” event on September 12, it’s clear that the tech giant is pushing for a fast transition.

Apple Event Wonderlust iPhone 15

Gurman suggests that Apple won’t surprise us with entirely new types of accessories at the iPhone 15 event. Instead, the focus seems to be on making existing accessories more compatible with USB-C, streamlining the user experience.

The future of MagSafe Battery Pack

Apple is also working on an innovative MagSafe Battery Pack. This next-generation battery pack introduces a novel concept – the ability to “daisy-chain” multiple battery packs together. Users can stack them and wirelessly charge multiple devices simultaneously. For instance, you can charge two iPhones at the same time by placing them on either side of the battery pack. Of course, this battery pack will feature a USB-C port.

MagSafe Battery Pack

AirPods Pro update

Although there are expectations for new AirPods Pro with a USB-C port on the charging case in the near future, Gurman suggests that these won’t be marketed as the “third-generation AirPods Pro.” Instead, a more substantial update to the AirPods Pro is anticipated, likely launching in 2023 or early 2025.

(via MacRumors)

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