Apple launches $99 MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

Apple has quietly introduced its new $99 MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 12 line-up on its website. It is a single white-colored battery pack that attaches magnetically to all iPhone 12 models, ranging from mini to Pro Max to provide additional battery charge.

iPhone 12 Pro MagSafe Battery Pack 2

New MagSafe Battery Pack has 1460mAh capacity

The MagSafe Battery Pack itself charges using a 15W charger and a Lighting cable. If a 20W charger is used, the battery pack can also charge the attached iPhone 12 wirelessly, which means that it can also act as a standalone charger.

iPhone 12 MagSafe Battery Pack

Thanks to the use of magnets, the MagSafe Battery Pack simply attaches wirelessly to any iPhone 12 model and is not a case like older smart battery cases. The pack features a white silicone outer layer, with just an Apple logo on its back. Although Apple does not mention it on the website, one of the photos of the case shows that it has a battery capacity of 1,460mAh. Just like iPhones, Apple will not ship a charger or cable with the battery pack.

iPhone 12 MagSafe Battery Pack 3

The battery pack will work even if a MagSafe compatible case is used with an iPhone 12. However, Apple notes that the battery pack could leave an imprint on a leather case due to compression. While the battery pack will not interfere with key fobs or credit cards, if you use a MagSafe case with a slot for cards, it is recommended to remove them before using the pack.

There is no on or off button on the battery pack. When it is attached to an iPhone 12, it will automatically start charging the smartphone. The battery pack’s charging status will be shown on the battery widget on the iPhone or on the lock screen. The battery pack will stop charging beyond 80% if it gets too warm and will resume charging when the temperature drops again. If optimized charging is enabled on the iPhone, a notification will show on the iPhone which will show that it will slowly be charged to extend battery life. However, users will be able to touch and hold on the notification, and tap on ‘charge now’ to force it to charge right away.

Apple also says that users would need iOS 14.7 or later to use the battery pack. Considering that it is available for purchase now, we expect iOS 14.7 to be released later this week.

MagSafe Battery Pack is available for $99 on Apple’s website. Shipping times show as 3-5 business days at the moment.

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