New iPad Pro might come with a matte screen option – Rumors

There have been rumors suggesting that Apple is planning to introduce a matte screen option for the upcoming iPad Pro models. This rumor has originated from the Chinese social media platform Weibo and has generated excitement among the iPad community.

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Enhanced iPad Pro experience with a glare-free screen

A matte screen would offer a significant advantage to users by reducing glare and reflections, which can improve the viewing experience in brightly lit environments. This feature would be particularly useful for artists, students, and content creators who work outdoors or in bright environments.

The matte screen option may use technology similar to Apple’s high-end Pro Display XDR monitor, which features a nano-texture glass coating that reduces glare without compromising image quality.

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This could provide the iPad Pro with a similar level of glare reduction while maintaining the display’s crisp visuals. The matte screen option could also offer eye-care benefits by including a blue light filter, which can reduce eye strain during extended use.

However, there are potential trade-offs to consider. Matte finishes can affect the perceived vibrancy of the display, and the etching process used in some matte solutions can create a slight texture on the screen’s surface, which could alter the feel of the Apple Pencil on the display.

Additionally, the cost of this new technology is unknown, but it may come at a premium if it uses a process similar to the Pro Display XDR’s nano-texture glass, which currently has a $300 price tag.

It’s important to note that the rumor of a matte screen option for the iPad Pro remains unconfirmed by Apple. However, if the company introduces this feature, it will be interesting to see the specific technology used, the impact on image quality, and the pricing strategy.

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