Apple prepares March 26 launch of new iPads with M3 chip, OLED displays, and more

According to recent reports, Apple plans to release new iPad Air and OLED iPad Pro models on March 26. The speculation comes from various sources, including Chinese leakers and renowned tech analysts like Mark Gurman from Bloomberg.

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Mark your calendars! Apple prepares to unveil new iPad Air and OLED iPad Pro in the coming weeks

One of the most talked-about dates in the tech world right now is March 26. According to reports from Chinese leakers and publications like IT Home, this date could mark an important announcement related to Apple’s new iPads. While specifics remain undisclosed, it’s speculated that Apple might unveil pre-order details or provide shipping dates for the highly anticipated devices. The following statement, originally published in Chinese by IT Home, has been translated to English:

IT House reported on March 18 that according to contributions from IT House partners, there are currently a number of third-party protective cases for iPad Air /Pro 2024 tablets on Amazon. These protective cases “will be on the shelves on March 26” . Third-party manufacturers will begin mass distribution of tablets to gain more market share when the tablet is released, so the relevant dates are expected to correspond to the actual product release time.

Mark Gurman, a trusted source for Apple-related news, has also shared insights regarding the new iPad releases. Gurman’s newsletter mentions that Apple is planning to launch the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models either by late March or in April.

The upcoming iPad Pro models are expected to introduce significant upgrades, including the new M3 chip, OLED displays for stunning visuals, a thinner and sleeker design, a redesigned camera setup, and the possibility of MagSafe wireless charging.

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Similarly, the new iPad Air models are anticipated to feature the powerful M2 chip, along with a landscape-oriented front camera and a first-ever 12.9-inch variant, catering to a wider range of user preferences.

In addition to the new iPads, Apple is rumored to unveil a revamped Magic Keyboard with a larger trackpad, enhancing productivity and usability for iPad Pro users. Moreover, a new iteration of the Apple Pencil is also expected to complement the enhanced capabilities of the new iPad lineup.

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While initial speculations hinted at a potential Apple event, recent reports suggest that the new iPads might be unveiled through a press release on Apple’s official website, similar to the M3 MacBook Air’s announcement.

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