Kevin Noki’s 3D-printed Macintosh Plus replica redefines DIY craftsmanship

Designer Kevin Noki recently completed a full-size Macintosh Plus replica, named the ‘Brewintosh.’ This project showcases the meticulous attention to detail and technical skill required to recreate iconic computing experiences using contemporary tools and techniques.

Not only does this project pay homage to Apple’s historic designs, but it also pushes the boundaries of what is achievable in the realm of DIY electronics and 3D printing.


Here’s how “Brewintosh,” a full-size replica of the Macintosh Plus, was crafted

Kevin Noki’s passion for Apple technology led him to create a full-size replica of the Macintosh Plus, aptly named the “Brewintosh.” Noki’s project is a testament to dedication and craftsmanship, requiring months of meticulous work to achieve an authentic and functional Macintosh experience. Unlike simple emulators or virtual machines, Noki’s Brewintosh is a complete package, featuring a 3D-printed shell, modified hardware components, and a custom-built Mini vMac emulator running on Linux.

The process of creating this unique Macintosh replica involved numerous skills and tools, showcasing the intersection of technology, design, and hands-on craftsmanship. From measuring and modeling using AutoDesk Fusion 360 to 3D printing intricate components, each step requires precision and attention to detail.

Noki meticulously measured and modeled the Macintosh cases using CAD software like AutoDesk Fusion 360, ensuring accuracy in every detail. Utilizing 3D printers such as the modified Ender-3, he printed the Macintosh cases in multiple parts using high-quality PLA filament to achieve the desired finish and texture.

After printing, the parts were assembled using techniques like cyanoacrylate (CA) glue and finished with sanding, priming, and painting to replicate the original Macintosh aesthetics.



Components such as screens, power supplies, USB hubs, and floppy disk drives were modified, rewired, and integrated into the builds to ensure functionality and authenticity. The heart of these projects lies in software emulation. Noki employed the Mini vMac emulator, customized to run Mac OS versions suitable for the replica.

From custom-designed stickers and logos to specially crafted peripherals like keyboard connectors and internal speakers, every aspect was thoughtfully designed and implemented.


Today’s tech enthusiasts are combining their love for technology, creativity, and technical skills to create amazing projects. These projects bring back the nostalgia of old computers while using the power of modern technology. This inspires both longtime fans and newcomers to explore the possibilities of building their own projects and personalizing their computing experience.

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