The overhauled Apple ID website is simple, modern, and easier to use

Apple has redesigned its Apple ID website bringing a modern look to the site. When you access the website now, the first thing you see is a colorful Apple logo with the tagline “One account for everything Apple,” with “A single Apple ID and password gives you access to all Apple services.” below that.

Apple ID

Apple has redesigned its Apple ID website making it easier to navigate

The redesign is a big difference from the previous graphics-heavy look. In addition to the new landing page, the website itself has also been updated. After you sign in, all of the available management options are presented in a card-style view with navigation options on the left.

The card view offers all your information at a glance like your Apple ID, when your password was last updated, app-specific passwords, Sign in with Apple, account recovery, and two-factor authentication.

The navigation options include Personal Information, Payment Methods, Family Sharing, Devices, and Privacy. Clicking on Personal Information will bring up additional information like your name, birthday, region, and reachable email addresses.

If you have Family Sharing enabled, you can click on the option to see details for each member of your Family Sharing group like their account, shared subscriptions, and shared features. Clicking on Devices will list all the devices associated with your account along with their names and logos.

The Privacy tab allows you to view and manage the information you choose to share and receive from Apple like Gender, iCloud analytics, and messages from Apple. You can also view additional details of Hide My Email from this tab.

The entire website is clean, simple, and easy to use. It is also quicker than the previous website. The redesign makes it easier to quickly view and manage your information on the web in one place. Check out the new website design at

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