Apple sees 61.1% annual growth in India’s PC market thanks to its iPad lineup

After eight solid quarters of growth, India’s PC market has entered a slump with shipments falling 4% year-on-year to 5.1 million units. Despite the overall market decline, Apple continues to see growth in India with its iPad lineup.

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India’s PC market experiencing a slump, but desktop and tablet shipments still strong

India’s PC market, which includes desktops, notebooks, and tablets, is suffering a download. A new report from Canalys reveals that notebook shipments were the biggest cause for the overall market decline, as they decreased by 21%. There is some good news for the Indian PC market. Desktop and tablet shipments saw significant annual growth, up 36% to 766,000 units and 24% to 1.5 million units respectively in the third quarter of 2022.

Lenovo, HP, Acer, Apple, and Dell were the top five vendors in the third quarter of 2022. Lenovo was responsible for shipping over one million PCs in the quarter, earning it a market share of 21.6%. On the flip side, its growth declined by 23.4%.

HP came in second place with 940,000 shipments and a market share of 18.5%. The company saw a 25.9% decline in growth. Acer was the third biggest vendor with 532,000 shipments, a 10.5% market share, and 33.7% growth.

Apple came in fourth place. The Cupertino tech giant shipped 456,000 PCs in India at a market share of 9.0%. It also saw the highest growth out of all the top vendors, 61.1%. Dell, which came in fifth place, also secured a market share of 9.0% with 455,000 shipments and a 37.3% decline in growth.

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Canalys also shared breakdowns of India’s desktop and notebook shipments. Apple did not appear on that list, which suggests that the iPad helped to drive the bulk of the tech giant’s growth in Q3, 2022.

As for Indian tablet shipments, Apple came in third place with 261,000 shipments, a 17.1% market share, and a strong 70.6% growth. Just like its overall growth, Apple’s growth in the tablets category was higher than any other vendor in the list.

Looking ahead, ” the segment is expected to bring continued strength, especially for tablets, which enjoy a favorable position in India’s digital education expansion strategy,” said Canalys Analyst Ashweej Aithal. “But with businesses’ budgets for IT spending being reprioritized due to the uncertain economic climate, shipments to the commercial segment suffered, falling 11% compared with a year ago.”

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