Safari in iOS 18 to offer AI-powered search

Apple reportedly has plans to revolutionize its Safari web browser with the upcoming release of iOS 18. The updated version of the browser promises a host of AI-powered features and UI enhancements, such as Intelligent Search and Web Eraser, aimed at improving the browsing experience for users.


One of the rumored features of Safari 18 is Intelligent Search, an AI-powered browsing tool designed to make web browsing more efficient. Intelligent Search leverages Apple’s on-device AI technology to identify key topics and phrases within web pages, allowing users to quickly generate summaries of content. By utilizing Apple’s Ajax language-learning model, Intelligent Search identifies relevant information, making it easier for users to digest web content.

Another exciting feature of Safari 18 is the Web Eraser tool, which allows users to remove specific portions of web pages with ease. Whether it’s ads, images, or text, Web Eraser gives users the power to customize their browsing experience. What sets Web Eraser apart is its persistence; changes made to a web page using Web Eraser are remembered by Safari even after the tab or window has been closed. This ensures that users’ preferred layouts are retained indefinitely.

Safari 18 is also set to introduce an updated user interface aimed at improving usability. The new page controls menu, accessible from the address bar, consolidates various page control tools into one central location. This includes access to Intelligent Search, Web Eraser, and other features like zoom options, privacy controls, and content-blocking settings. By streamlining these controls, Apple aims to make the browsing experience more intuitive and efficient for users.

With Safari 18, Apple is also striving to align the user experience across its different operating systems. The new UI enhancements are not limited to iOS but will also be available on iPadOS and macOS, ensuring a consistent browsing experience across all Apple devices.

Looking ahead, Apple is not stopping with Safari 18. The company is already working on even more powerful AI-driven features, such as an enhanced Visual Lookup feature scheduled for integration in 2025. This feature will allow users to obtain information on consumer products directly from images, further enhancing the browsing experience.

(via AppleInsider)

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