Apple’s iOS app economy has created 300,000 jobs since April 2019

Apple says that its iOS app economy has created nearly 300,000 new job opportunities across the United States since April 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on the economy across the globe, but it had the opposite impact on Apple and the company has actually experienced growth in revenue during this global crisis.

The Cupertino tech giant says that iOS apps now support more than 2.1 million US jobs, mostly on the East and West coasts, and with notable numbers in all fifty states across the country.


Apple supports 2.1 million jobs across the U.S.

In a press release today, the company stated:

“The iOS app economy has created nearly 300,000 new jobs since April 2019, helping to provide opportunities for Americans of all ages even as COVID-19 continues to create immense challenges and uncertainty for communities across the country. Developers nationwide — including companies such as Caribu, H‑E‑B, and Shine — have adapted their businesses to make sure they can keep supporting their customers during a challenging time.”


Apple also highlighted how developers are adapting to the pandemic and gave the example of the Caribu app’s growth due to the pandemic.

“Caribu is an app that enables immersive, activity-rich video calls, allowing families and friends to stay close even from afar. Participants can draw together, read bedtime stories, solve puzzles, cook, and even visit museums in real time — connections that have become even more important in recent months. Caribu co-founders Maxeme Tuchman and Alvaro Sabido saw their business take off this spring, as people sought new ways to keep in touch. To respond to the tenfold increase in customers across the globe, Caribu’s team tripled in size, from 4 employees to 12, contributing to the 17,000 new app economy jobs in Florida.”


The iPhone maker employs over 90,000 people in 50 states in the country and is on track to fulfill a pledge to provide $350 billion to the U.S. over a five-year span. The company also supports 450,000 manufacturing and supply chain jobs through 9,000 American suppliers.

Apple’s iOS App Store has been heavily criticized in recent weeks, notably in a lawsuit filed by Epic Games against the company over its policies and Apple tax.

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