Leaked device identifiers suggest exciting new Apple iPad models for 2025

In just a few short months since Apple revealed the refreshed M2 iPad Air and the brand-new M4 iPad Pro, there is a ton of speculation about what’s next. A recent leak of device identifiers provides tantalizing clues about Apple’s iPad lineup for 2025.

Apple iPad 2025 Models

Nicolás Álvarez, with details shared by @aaronp613 on X (formerly Twitter), has uncovered identifiers hinting at a significant lineup of new iPads. These identifiers suggest the introduction of both Wi-Fi and Cellular editions for various models. The leaked identifiers and their speculative models include:

  • iPad15,7 – A16 11th Gen iPad Wi-Fi
  • iPad15,8 – A16 11th Gen iPad Cellular
  • iPad16,1 – A17 iPad mini 7th Gen Wi-Fi
  • iPad16,2 – A17 iPad mini 7th Gen Cellular
  • iPad17,1 – M5 11-inch Pro Wi-Fi
  • iPad17,2 – M5 11-inch Pro Cellular
  • iPad17,3 – M5 13-inch Pro Wi-Fi
  • iPad17,4 – M5 13-inch Pro Cellular

These identifiers follow a pattern Apple has used previously, making it reasonable to assume that the iPad 17,x series will be M5-powered tablets. For instance, the iPad (2022) with an A14 chip is identified as iPad 13,18 and iPad 13,19. Similarly, the M2-powered iPad Air (13-inch) is identified as iPad 14,10 and iPad 14,11, while the M4-powered iPad Pro (13-inch) is known as iPad 16,5 and iPad 16,6.

11th Gen iPad: Expected to feature the A16 chip, this model will likely be available in both Wi-Fi (iPad15,7) and Cellular (iPad15,8) versions.

7th Gen iPad Mini: Powered by the A17 chip, this compact model will come in Wi-Fi (iPad16,1) and Cellular (iPad16,2) variants.

iPad Pro with M5 Chip: The professional lineup will see new 11-inch and 13-inch models. The 11-inch Pro will have Wi-Fi (iPad17,1) and Cellular (iPad17,2) editions, while the 13-inch Pro will also offer Wi-Fi (iPad17,3) and Cellular (iPad17,4) options.

Scrapped models

The leak also revealed identifiers for models that may have been scrapped:

  • iPad13,20 and iPad13,21: These were intended to be A14 Wi-Fi and Cellular base models, respectively.
  • iPad15,3 to iPad15,6: These identifiers were for iPad Pro models with the M3 chip, which have likely been shelved as the product line moves forward with the M4 chip.

While hardware advancements are crucial, software updates are pivotal in enhancing the user experience. At WWDC this year, Apple provided a preview of iPadOS 18, showcasing significant performance upgrades for existing iPad models. This includes the introduction of Apple Intelligence for M-powered tablets, promising better efficiency and new features tailored to the advanced hardware.

Other iPadOS 18 features include a customizable home screen, a revamped Control Center, streamlined Settings, and the long-awaited addition of a dedicated Calculator app.

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