Control Center in iOS 18: multi-page control, customizable controls, Action button support and more

iOS 18 brings a radical overhaul to the Control Center, ditching the minor tweaks of the past for a system built on user control. Forget a simple facelift; this is a complete transformation. Imagine dedicated pages for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and core functions, alongside seamless media playback controls and quick access to Airplane Mode and hotspots.

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The redesigned Control Center in iOS 18 is divided into three distinct pages: one for commonly used controls such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other essential toggles; another dedicated to media playback, allowing users to manage their music, podcasts, and other media seamlessly; and a third focused on connectivity options, providing quick access to features like Airplane Mode and Personal Hotspot. Users can now swipe down from the top-right corner of their iPhone screen and navigate between these pages with ease. This multi-page layout ensures that controls are organized and accessible, reducing clutter and improving usability.

One of the most notable additions is the new Controls Gallery, which allows users to add, remove, and rearrange controls to fit their needs. The gallery provides a comprehensive set of available options, enabling users to tailor the Control Center to their specific preferences. Users can adjust the size of buttons within the Control Center to emphasize the controls they use most frequently, ensuring that high-priority controls are easily accessible.

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Additionally, thanks to the new Controls API, developers can create custom controls for their apps that can be added to the Control Center. This means users can now quickly access third-party app functions, such as remotely starting a car or adjusting a smart thermostat, directly from the Control Center.

For iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max users, the Action button can now be mapped to a variety of Control Center functions. iOS 18 expands the button’s functionality beyond the traditional options available in iOS 17. Users can assign the Action button to controls such as Dark Mode, Airplane Mode, and Personal Hotspot, among others. While some options like Low Power Mode and Orientation Lock are not directly available, the Shortcut action allows users to assign these controls to the Action button if desired. This expanded functionality makes the Action button a versatile tool for quick access to important features.

iOS 18 also brings new customization options to the Lock Screen. Users can replace the default flashlight and camera shortcuts with other Control Center buttons, providing quick access to the functions they use most. This feature leverages the new Controls API, allowing for a personalized and efficient Lock Screen experience.

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The redesigned Control Center aims to provide seamless access to essential controls and improve overall usability. By organizing controls into dedicated pages and allowing extensive customization, iOS 18 ensures that users can quickly find and use the features they need.

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