iOS 18 tidbits: Private Wi-Fi addresses, Safari extensions, improved flashlight and more

While iOS 18 might be grabbing attention with its headline features, the true perks lie beneath the surface. This fall update isn’t just about flashy additions; it’s a toolbox filled with subtle upgrades designed to supercharge your iPhone experience.

Think enhanced flashlights, customizable Control Centers, and AI-powered suggestions—all working behind the scenes to make your daily tasks smoother and more efficient. Prepare to be surprised by the impact these hidden features have on your workflow, privacy, and overall experience of your iPhone.

iOS 18

Enhanced flashlight controls

Beyond the basics, iOS 18 introduces a new twist to flashlight controls. Users can now adjust not only the brightness but also the width of the flashlight beam. Whether you need a focused beam for precision or a wider spread for broader illumination, this newfound control offers practicality in everyday situations.

Customizable Control Center

iOS 18 expands customization options within the Control Center. Users can now rearrange and add controls across multiple pages, tailoring the Control Center to their specific needs. This flexibility extends to third-party app integration, allowing quick access to favorite functions without unlocking the device.

AI-driven suggestions

Integrated across various apps, iOS 18’s AI-driven suggestions offer personalized recommendations. From suggesting optimal photo edits based on your editing habits to predicting text responses in Messages, these subtle nudges streamline interactions and enhance productivity seamlessly.

Siri ChatGPT iOS 18

Private Wi-Fi addresses

In a move towards enhanced privacy, iOS 18 introduces the option to automatically use private Wi-Fi addresses. This feature rotates your device’s MAC address when connecting to Wi-Fi networks, adding an extra layer of anonymity and security, particularly on public networks.

Hidden App Store wishlists

iOS 18 introduces hidden wishlists within the App Store. Users can now curate a private list of apps they intend to download or revisit later. This feature ensures a clutter-free browsing experience while preserving the ability to save and organize apps of interest.

Improved keyboard shortcuts

For power users, iOS 18 enhances keyboard shortcuts across system apps. Whether navigating the Files app or composing emails, new shortcuts streamline operations, reducing the need to switch between apps and enhancing overall efficiency.

Safari extensions

Expanding customization options, iOS 18 brings support for Safari extensions on iPhone. Users can now enhance their browsing experience with a wide range of extensions, from ad blockers to productivity tools, directly integrating into Safari for a seamless experience.

Voice isolation in FaceTime

Improving audio clarity during FaceTime calls, iOS 18 introduces voice isolation technology. This feature suppresses background noise, ensuring clear communication even in noisy environments, enhancing the overall FaceTime experience.

Game Center upgrades

iOS 18 revitalizes Game Center with new features. Users can now view achievements across multiple games, compare progress with friends, and even discover new games based on their gaming preferences—all within an updated and more engaging interface.

System-wide translation

Building on iOS 18’s language capabilities, system-wide translation allows users to translate text directly within any app. From Messages to Safari, this feature supports multiple languages, fostering seamless communication and enhancing accessibility for global users.

Release and Compatibility

iOS 18 is slated to be released in the fall, with a broad compatibility range covering newer and select older iPhone models. Find out if your iPhone is compatible with iOS 18 here.

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