Grand Schindler’s ‘Trimensional’ for Apple iPhone does 3D scanning [VIDEO]

Categorized with some of the finest iPhone applications ever created; for instance Word Lens, Trimensional enjoys an exalted position in the world of apps. Designed by Grand Schindler, this app is known to be a 3D scanner made for the iPhone 4 or iPod Touch. Renowned as the first ever 3D scanner on the iOS , Trimensional makes full use of both the screen and the front facing camera of the iOS device and effectively registers pattern of light reflected off your face before it transforms them into a true 3D model.

The plan is easy to execute and requires no rocket science. Quite simply, the user is required to turn off the lights, turn up the screen’s brightness and hold the screen such that it is facing the object that is to be captured via the front facing camera. Enjoy the amazing results and wonderful looking 3D effects. Also, the 3D rendered photos can be viewed in a 3D slideshow after which the user may feel free to share them with friends or tweak with the 3D models further.

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The app is available in the App store and was released on January 5, 2011.

(via macstories)


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