Apple is working on redesigned 2022 iPad Pro, larger iPads and reshuffles Car team

Apple is working on redesigned 2022 iPad Pro models and exploring the design and development of larger iPad models which might launch in the future, as per a new newsletter by Mark Gurman called ‘Power On’. The newsletter also layouts the recent changes to the top-level management of Apple’s car team which includes industry veterans from various AI and robotics companies in its leadership team.

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Redesigned 2022 iPad Pro and larger iPad models

Gurman’s newsletter talks about how iPad Pro has become much more useable for work after iPadOS 15, even though it is currently in beta. However, despite the improvements to multitasking and performance, a 12.9-inch iPad Pro still feels smaller for users accustomed to Macs with larger displays. Gurman’s sources have revealed that Apple is exploring larger iPad models that it may launch in a few years. The newsletter does not give any hints as to what sizes is the company exploring, and there is a possibility that the company might never launch larger iPads.

Apple is currently focused on redesigned iPad Pro models for 2022 which will ship in the same 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes as current models. Apple had last redesigned the iPad Pro in 2018, and this might the first major change to the beloved design language which really has not aged since its launch.

Apple Car team reshuffle

While we have yet to hear anything officially from Apple regarding its car ambitions, we continuously hear about the team changes instead. In its latest round of car team reshuffling this year, the company recently hired BMW executive Ulrich Kranz, who has previously worked on BMW’s i3 electric and i8 hybrid vehicles. Apple has also promoted a number of industry veterans to its car project’s leadership team. As per Gurman, this list includes the following:

  • Hanns Tappeiner, the co-founder and former president of now-defunct robotic toy car startup Anki (which was featured onstage at WWDC in 2013)
  • Tim Cheng, who ran the car operating system team for, a self-driving startup Apple bought two years ago
  • Hans Lee, who joined Apple in March after departing Freedom Robotics, a company he co-founded that creates software to control fleets of robots
  • Martin Levihn, who now runs a group overseeing artificial intelligence-based decision making for self-driving cars
  • Paul Costa, a longtime Apple hardware engineering manager

It is still unclear when Apple will actually announce its car project and in what shape and form will it be available as consumer product.

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